big blue alarm

i got a new alarm
a couple weeks ago
my neighbor
who works the early shift
back his large truck
the over compensator
into the space
right outside of
my bedroom window
and at around four fifteen
he goes out and sits
revving the engine
until about four thirty
it rattles through
the sleep that usually
has just returned
after my three o’clock
ceiling staring
with such regularity
my bladder has acknowledged
it as time to rise

i lay there
needing to urinate
angrily rattling
along with the exhaust
refusing to piss
until he has finally left
then i stomp out
make coffee
and plot
my much deserved revenge
i tried to speak to him
but english is not
his first language
and inconsiderate cocksucker
is not mine
i like to think
considerate asshole
is more ny mentality

most likely don’t
ask my exes
if this is true or not

so now i sit
tired but a touch
preemptively angry
as i stare out
at the big blue
rumbling truck
that will sound
the end of slumber
unable to sleep
knowing four fifteen
is just hours away
and he will be there
gunning the engine
as my bladder rages
the coffee calling out
my pulse pounding
as i think of new
and exotic tortures
while waiting for
the sparrows to sing
likely awoken as well
by the little person
with a loud desire
to prove his manhood


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