farewell prailine cluster carried away by ants

the redundancy feels
didactic in a morose
diabetic dilemma
a lazy glaze of malaise
diametrically shot in
panoramic lens flare
showing nothing but
the shades of a life
rendered neatly unseen

an energetic anemia
a slow leeching of will
a nervous nervelessness
a calculated chaos
left to flop on the coals
of this apathetic sunrise

sounding on the clanging
chimes in a whirlwind
tornadic turbulence
it tastes like batteries
anxiously unassuming in
presumptive assumptions
as if this maggot riddled
slice of cheesecake left
unatended in a hail storm
is fit for human reduction

the sky is gossamer silver
woven from the tears
of the goddess herself
we are baboons with bright
red asses reflecting
miracles in ruddy light


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