three outta ten

i imagine
around seventy percent
of what i write
is likely terrible
but the same amount
of effort goes into
the seventy percent
as it does into
the thirty percent
and i will be goddamned
if i can tell any
sort of difference
between the two sides

a short order cook
during lunch hour
with a grill covered
in sizzling burgers
robotically flipping
tossing on cheap cheese
throwing it on a plate
already forgotten as
the next three are done

does the sun care at all
that some days are misery
or does it just vapidly
rise and consider deeply
the meaning of existence
indifferent to smiles
or tears of sorrow
shining nonchalantly
as we spin idiotically
through the vast emptiness

i suppose three outta ten
isn’t terrible really
better odds than being
struck by lightning
and only i have to wear
the lichtenberg figures
across my bleeding chest
as i wait to see what sort
of fresh hells await tomorrow

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