stars in the shape of smiles

at times i feel
so far removed
from actual living
an ache forms
a soft sad little
dim light shining
through my torn
tissue paper heart

i exist in the center
of an abstract algorithm
calculating absurdity
too ignorant to find
a solution or perhaps
too ill equipped to
properly enact one

when you view the
nightime sky from
your backyard or
off where the light
pollution is low
it seems as if the stars
are best friends
all nestled tightly
into ridiculous shapes
for our petty amusement
but they are so far
apart from one another
our illusion of one
majestic image twinkling
is just another delusion
of obsessing over how
tiny each of us truly is

we are all stars
in that we shine briefly
and some of us
are only seen long after
we have finally died


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