no speaking parts for those whom forget their alarms

forgot to set
the alarm last night
woke to hear
the birds singing
ten minutes before
it would have rang

i feel ancillary
to whatever plot
the universe has
rolled out today
a barnacle clinging
to be part of
the grand production

i will be playing
the part of stone three
it is an unspeaking
role but that seems
to fit me perfect
an onlooker staring
through granite eyes

the master of routines
a custodian watching
making repairs silently
behind the scenes
gracious to be a part
of the spectacle
desperate to not be
so far apart from
the important scenes

the bird were my alarm
reminding me i have no
real place in the play
but it is important to
remain punctual even if
no one notices i am
here in the first place


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