floating in a vacuum of his own creation

he thinks so much
of himself
that no one else
seems to matter
he talks over
the entire group
beleiving his opinion
is the only one
anyone wants to hear

he over conpensates
on a constant basis
thinking if he is
the loudest in the room
it means everyone
will have to
acknowledge him
take him as seriously
as he takes himself

what a miserable life
unable to admit
he isn’t as charming
as he tries to project
just a little man
with a big mouth
bloviating at full volume
unaware this is why
he pushes everyone away

if you listen closely
you can still hear him
talking over the birds
claiming they sing
for him and not
the embarrassed sun rising
demanding the respect
he has burned through
by putting himself first

a human black hole
consuming all the light
never stopping to see
the looks of disinterest
as he tells yet another
unnecessarily long tale
content to keep rambling
as long as anyone
feeds his expanding ego


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