if every time
someone gets drunk
they become a
different person
then excuse it
by claiming that
they cannot remember
the way they acted
but repeat the same
cycle of actions
again and again
with no regard to
making amends
it shows just how
little they think
of anyone else

the real person
hiding behind the
facade of normality
is drawn out by
their inebriation
they feel comfortable
unleashing the things
they keep locked
away deep inside
they shouldn’t let
themselves get to
that point because
they clearly cannot
handle their drink

either way
it exposes a level
of inconsideration
for other people
that have to deal with
the aftermath
they cannot even
recall causing
it cannot always be
someone else’s fault
or just a simple

after second chances
with no change becomes
third or fifteenth
when they half heartedly
offer apologies
for things they have
no recollection of
mere hours before
doing it all over again
when does it become a
case of insanity

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