a vertiginous gymnast

there are days
when i choke on
unshed tears
where the sobs
sit in the back
of my throat
and i long to
let them spill

yet they do not
or will not
fall down my cheeks

there are days
when i find myself
crying as i drive
and incapable of
finding the source

a reaction
to the chemical
imbalanced and
likely unwell
my brain misfires
a twenty one
synapse salute
as i shiver alone
lost in my head

a vertiginous gymnast
tumbling drunkenly
from uneven bars
mistimed delusions
as i fall gracelessly
to the dreamshatter
gleaming in the carpet
whispering my love
to the sparrows
floating on a pool
of unshed miseries
i cannot quite fathom

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