pilgrims or some shit

we all know the myth
of thanksgiving
a festive celebration
of hardy pilgrims
suffering the winter
due to a near suicidal
ineptitude after
being unceremoniously
tossed from their homes
for being the people
no one wants to live by
and the noble savages
who naively taught the
parasitic invaders
how to survive kicking off
a genocide and erasure
lasting centuries

they teach a version
of it in school
possibly a little more
slanted towards one side
while a smallpox laden
blanket covers the other

now a day of oversized
cartoon characters floating
and gluttonous excess
before launching into
rabid consumerism
bordering on insanity
having long grown numb
to whitewashed atrocities
the edge of outrage
worn down by the winds
of sheer apathies
begrudgingly cooking
for family we cannot
suffer more than twice
at the absolute most
per calender year
stressed out at the idea
of buying presents
and still managing bills
searching for anything
to be thankful for

all because some assholes
in buckled shoes couldn’t
stop being weirdly hatted
religious zealots
and subjugated then slaughtered
an indigenous people
just trying to help

happy fucking thanksgiving

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