my head is
aflutter with
logical fallacies
circular logics
chasing ghosts
an anemic pac-man
trapped in this
electronic labyrinth
while king minos
screams madness
into wells
icarus daydreams
plummet due to
unable to differentiate
myth from reality
looking for answers
to problems i have
no hope of solving
the higher i climb
towards the light
the more frost laden
my broken wings become
in deferential
disagreement to all
the stories force fed
in the loneliness
permeating each
pinhole in my soul
dizzy chasing
the tail of tales
where happiness is
a common commodity
and silence is
a cherished virtue
not rusted hooks
in the ribcage
suspending disbelief
over a chasm of
unfortunate truth
spinning hay into
golden fantasies
of anything more

i no longer wish
upon shooting stars
i merely hope
to burn to cinders
entering the sky
somewhere outside
your bedroom window
so for a fleeting moment
i am more than
a collection of scars
but a thing of beauty
lighting your night
before i settle
to the silt
a faded memory
of a sweet dream

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