look inward you self consumed assholes

a conjunction
of catastrophes
a conflagration
of unaccepted
lead this ship
directly into
another goddamned
iceberg of blurred
cumbersome disbeliefs

every new day
brings a new variant
and i left my
death defying pants
at an exgirlfriend’s
along with most
of the tip of my tongue
rubbed off while
doing performance art
between her legs
filling the emotional
vacancy with
thousands of orgasms
in lieu of all
the things i lack
i go maskless
into the valley
of best intentions
gone way wrong
but her thighs pressed
tight to my ears
drowned out the world
my skull a shell
filled with soothing
oceanic pressures
as if in the womb
a tomb with a view
all while the world
does everything it can
to kill me daily

kill me today
i cannot recall
the last time
i slept without
drugs keeping me out
or when my head
wasn’t erupting
no one ever assumes
the blame for
their lives falling
to pieces around them
looking to pass
the buck to the next
happy go lucky
dumb enough to
believe the lies

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