derisive attributes

geometric daydreams in charismatic disarray bleed into the meteoric rhetoric of metaphorical crusades

i put so much
pressure upon myself
my heart is
a diamond buried
in an ivory maze
a canary
teetering on
its perch
unwilling to show
weakness as
the miners collapse
lips locked in
a rictus smile
with hints of
cerulean dismay

complimentary equations hover in
algebraic melancholy of undefined integers scratched in alien text

the words crash in
the most curious case
of bumper car
related fatalities
leaving me reeling
as i stumble down
the carnival midway
less death defier
more life denier
i will spend every
last dollar to win
you a stuffed bear
only to be ravaged
by its memory
years after you have
finally left me

a cascade of kaleidoscopic images rushes along disharmonic reverie inducing fluctuating heartspasms

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