foolosophy 102

when we shine
a light on the
shaping our
everyday lives
examine the flaws
inherent in
purchased freedoms
we are lesser
than the sheep
happily grazing
or the cattle
herded down the
uneven hallways
of the slaughterhouse

ignoring the sheer
ignominy of existence
to bask in
perpetual miseries
locked in fear
of the emptiness beyond
mere mortal reckoning
scurrying like ants
at the bidding of
masters as flawed
as the rest of us

when we get down
into the muck
strain our fingers
through primordially
oozing pools of
stagnant growth
we are forced to face
the absurdity within
failing meat puppets
driven by a myriad
of chemical imbalances
mindlessly drifting
into death itself
with every halted breath
trapped by the irony
the blatant absurdity
anything we do
matters in the slightest

here we see the fallacy
of expectations
inherent in our own
false sense of self
quivering blobs of
failing flesh aboard
a satellite of dirt
unable to sense the
tremulous waves of
rampant entropy
controlling every facet
of day to day redundancy

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