snuffed of flame

she would tell me
holding me was like
clutching a bag
of broken dreams
that my heart was
a bear trap
and no matter how
much she wanted
to hold it
and me, tight
she knew she would
likely lose an arm
or bleed to death

she would tell me
i was too clever for
my own well being
that the only puzzle
i would never solve
was putting my pieces
back together again

she would beg me
to let her cum
as i held her hovering
right at the verge
then curse me with
the same sweet mouth
that promised forever

she would tell me
i wasn’t half the
monster i thought i was
but she never knew
how much human being
still shined in my eyes

she would scream how
she truly hated me
then sob when
i went to leave
she didn’t want me
but the thought of
anyone else having me
drove her insane

she is just greasy ash
from a candle
long snuffed of flame
but her words remain
even as her features
have long faded away

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