frozen kisses floating outside the laundromat

it’s cold
as i sit waiting
for the laundromat
to finally open
the wind howls
and my head is
doing the worst
imitation possible

the weight of
exhaustion in the
face of three hours
spent chasing dreams
before reality
exerted its sour
disposition upon me
leaves me feeling
punchdrunk and
overly encumbered

now i watch as my
agitation matches
my clothing as it spins
as i hunger for
sonething to take
the bite from feeling
like i sleepwalk
between conversations
as the year sheds
the foliage showing
a realm of naked

sitting in the car
doing my accounting
tabulating the suicides
of those i loved
against the betrayals
of some i had trusted
realizing it is just
another year in the red
as the sparrows hop
and beg to hear more
about you with the
wildflowers in your smile

and i am tired baby
but more than willing
to spend every night
wide awake as i expound
about my love for you
even as the world
tries to crush the last
drop of hope from my
half frozen soul

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