needlessly needy

i can feel it
inside of my chest
it lays dormant
until i try
to go to sleep
then it skitters
along my ribs
runs up and down
my weary spine
latches firmly
to my every thought
until all i can do
is toss and turn
to try and
crush it

i miss you
and when the sleep
won’t come
i sit up in
the darkness
poetry into
the long night
as the creature
undulating until
i give up on rest
and write
poems no one will
ever see
except in snippets
i cannot shake

i imagine
it is a tiny me
screaming to be seen
the part of me
i never voice
wanting to be needed
as the heaviness
crushes me
as he wants
to be needed
and i want to sleep
pressed up to you
so when i whisper
new poetry
it finds your ear

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