semi poetic splendors

all the other
wispy spirits know
you get exactly
what you get
yet they watch
as you flail about
hoping for more
then they snatch at
the crumbs you
have lamented
leaving you with
the nothingness
your rightly deserve

it is human nature
to want it all
but it is the nature
of the cold world
to remind you exactly
how little that means
as life churns you
into chum to feed
the sharks swimming
bloated on the slurry
of half dreamt wonder
in an ocean brimming
with the remains of
semi poetic splendors

parasitic condemnations
grasp tightly to the
heart of insipid woe
blistered as these
incandescent memories
reinforce the lessons
in a refusal of hope
a damnation of denials
in the predatory smiles
as the black water bubbles
in a feeding frenzy
leaving ambiguities
floating on an ocean
of undreamt painshudders

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