an indescribable sorrow etched in ice

hot tears well
in the corners of
my cold dead eyes
the light from
the indifferent sun
remains hidden
as i blink away
blurry fractals
sitting on an
iceberg watching
while stability
returns to a more
mercurial status

i have cut back on
my coffee intake
eschewing the need
to vibrate at the
speed of the light
never shining down
on my corner of hell
choosing healthy
alternatives to extend
a life unlived
shaking off the scabs
from self inflicted
truths infected by the
sharp splinters where
those actualities
knicked hollow bone

i am raw this morning
filled with a supple
foreboding as the
chill windds bring new
irritants to agitate
the many open sores
i can not help but
constantly pick at
changing my dressings
as pus congeals in
the bottom of the tub
at the verge of tears
yet unable to tap
the frozen surface
hoping for an early thaw
to release a portion
of these accumulated aches

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