i molt insipid terrors

now is the proper
timing to turn tidings
of earnest resolutions
into ardent revolutions
to clutch handfuls of
malleable clay to fire
new vestibules to hold
dreamember bonfires
no more candlelight
vigils to virtues but
a wildfire of ashen hope
raining down to smother
the depressionary gasps
to choke the brambles
entangling nascent desire

we shed the scales of
yesterday’s scar tissue
leaving approximations
where painblossoms flourish
among the blowing leaves
in safeties unsecured

consciousness is a virus
masking asymptomatic needs
with inhumane conditions
as the schismatic rigmarole
grinds integrity to dust
a residue of past infection
a deviation in retention
clotting sunshine kisses
in molecular anomalies that
batter the inward facing
gaze of eternal dissonance

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