binary solopsis

i am prone
to falling into
my own loops
dredging pains
to satisfy my
oblong orbit

i mine away at
the cave walls
seeking a vein
of precious agonies
to harvest as
i rewire faulty
neural pathways

but once rewritten
the new programming
lets me slough
the old ruination
a new version of
the same madness
unfettered by
listless palpations
sending shuddering
chain reactions
to course through
these new tunnels
haphazardly bored
connecting old thoughts
into a new pestilence

i am consistent
in my need to change
leaving impressions
of who i was
in the sediment
solidified shadows
in morbid relief
haunting the hallways
of hallowed happiness

a solitary soul
encapsulated by
heaving sighs and
silent reproach

an amateur miner
digging ever deeper
into the strata where
innocence and desire
confound physics
leaving spiral channels
to circumnavigate
dreamsputter denials

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