ice crystal oblivion

mercurial shivers
in shades of
intense longing
pulsating along
spinal delirium
an open blossom
spreading pollen
to inflame passions
frozen kisses
lighting bonfires
of desire tracing
the curvature of
your precious heart

the birds are
filled with madness
a cacophony of
off key notes
pervading the quiet
of a newborn day
trilling winter’s song
in the sunlight
of autumnal bliss
the coffee steams
as my lips demand
the satisfaction
of your perfection
pressed firmly against
to shatter the cage
of clouded clarity
dismissing all
rational thought

One thought on “ice crystal oblivion

  1. I like your ice crystals: beautiful patterns, but the crystal lattices form many cages. A love can be cagey. While mad birds sing, the pollen fertilizes a lady flower on a stigma atop her style and ovary if not up the nose, but it’s supposed not always. The trill of a song will melt all flakes, they say.

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