the sparrows
seem frantic
as the temperature
begins to drop
hopping to and fro
on the rail
chirping at me
to find cover
from impending
icy precipitation
a deep freeze
on a series of twos
a schism of
groundhog deification
in avian dismay
as they pick at
the scattered seed
before hiding away
in the leafbare bushes
as a kid
i used to love
to follow the trail
of fork prints
across fresh snow
watching the little
puffs of brown and gray
hop on a field of
glittering diamonds
it wasn’t until
texas and her
that i started to
see them all the time
my animal totems
carrying the songs
of wildflower daydreams
in clarion tones
to ride high above
the gray clouds
but i realize now
they had always found me
i just hadn’t
found myself yet
so i take every opportunity
to tell them of her
so they don’t fret
over a half frozen fool
tangled in dreambramble
under heavy hanging snow

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