another goddamned poem

words flit
in pieces through
the hollows
of my soul
stealing shiny bits
to build a nest
in the curve of
a floating rib
to sleep
to dream
burrowed deeply
into this
abstinence of light
etched into
moribund marrow
lost in
sullen recirculation
misformed cells
in cancerous disarray
arterial plaque
in semi-poetic disdain

a systolic release
each shard of broken verse
burrowed deep
releasing a heady cocktail
of numbing coagulant
and dreamlike despair
a tapeworm
ever hungering
until there is nothing left
to be consumed
aborted dreamsmears
clawed deep into the corpse
of creative indifference

7 thoughts on “another goddamned poem

        1. oh shit. i figure stick with garbage poetry until i make my first million, get the groupies, then transition into meaningless quotes. i have a dream board. it is all laid out.

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