i35 @temple

a curious case of
road hypnosis wrapped
in the unmistakable
lavender cushion of
clustered achings

i follow the hawks
the sparrows on the fences
listen to the words
streaming in sparks
down the i35 corridor

if i have learned anything
it is that as the crow flies
means lazily trapped
in circular reasoning
distracted by shiny things

losing great swathes of
scenic flat brown nothing
muttering to myself
all the things left unsaid
littering the roadside behind me

if a fool
whispers i love you
into the sunlight streaming
does it fall dead to the earth
or is it carried on the breeze

does that breeze
everblowing, laden with words
ever swirl around your ear
a swollen promise
tinted with birdsong reverence

a curious case of
road hypnosis brimming
with lavender flashes
wishing to be heard over
the brown tinted silence

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