exit 1 laredo

i felt as if
i were a great explorer
a modern day
samuel clemens
rolling down towards
the mouth of i35
to see where it
spills into mexico
captaining a hybrid
down the asphalt scar
separating the brown
from the endless brown
my own mighty mississip
falling into delusions
of twain like wonder

i left cheerful
clouds of sparrows
trying to race me
out of san antonio amid
the angry drivers
stuck in a loop
as i broke new ground
an idiotic one man
lewis and clark
with an electronic
sacajawea pointing
in a straight line
mechanical dodo birds
hammer their beaks
endlessly into the ground
seeking the remains of
other extinct monstrosities
to use to fuel these
paddleboat fantasies

it feels like
the creator lost interest
in painting the land
rendering infinite
flat emptiness
just enough brown and blue
to paint a realistic enough
facade in the simulation
occasional glitches
creating lonesome palm tress
out of place in this
verisimilitude of beige

i would love to pull
onto one of these gravel roads
and lay on the hood
as the night skies spilled
forth the light of
a billion burnt out stars
to walk amidst the cacti
wary of scorpions and
coiled rattlers in the brush
whisper to the eagles
circling the imaginary border
todo mi amor
a la mujer
con flores silvestres
en su sonrisa

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