drury feels less dreary on the final morning

the trip down
to the border left me
a bit
over stimulated
a hundred lines
four hundred miles
bleeding into
one another as i
try to pluck the threads

oatmeal and raisins
dark roast coffee
roaring engines
slamming doors down
endless hallways
i prepare for the next
four and half hours
driving to the kids

from the alamo
to the barrios painted
in yellows and orange
to sleepy seguin
the eagles circling
and an overly excited fool
at a border check
wanting to pet the puppies
eagerly sniffing cars

a last pass
of a last pass
making sure everything
is packed nearly
into my two bags
sitting in the silence
dreading the drive
already planning
chocolate chip cookies
and a pot of soup
as i untangle this tapestry
of unwritten words

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