shhh, you’re just crazy

the last thing
someone struggling needs
is to be told
it’s all in their head
especially when
every single fucking day
is a battle against
the things that have
taken root inside

if i could ignore it
don’t you think i would?

who chooses to live
doubting every feeling
because yoyt don’t know
if it is your brain
slowly killing hope
or the empirical evidence
laid out before you?

you’re right
it is all in my head
everything is
all inside our heads
we dont even see
colors in the same shade
but hurt feelings
we can judge easily
as inconsequential
when all of reality
is purely subjective

i am constantly
jumping at shadows
the deeper the pull
of bipolar insanity
i hope one day
to dissociate enough
that this is all
a lifetime nightmare
gone into the mist
of a new chemical
set of deficiencies

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