a corpulence of
inebriated desire
festooned with
baubles carved
from the husks of
dreamroaches in
stagnant malaise
spilled out to stain
the marble floors
of a cathedral in
the throes of a
sinful fervency

these agonies will
not endure themselves
lines of crimson
running down the pale
indecencies of the moon
a cracked mirror
reflecting end times
in a lackadaisical
repugnancy of silvered
slivered refractions
a shadow theatre in
recombinant dismay

an unbalanced load
of reciprocated grief
braided strands of
heartthistle dread
a contamination where
soylent corpse spatter
seeps into groundwater
in swarms of albino
eyeless monstrosities
an artificial insemination
of empty gestures where
dream succumbs to reality

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