an oasis on a sunspot

icy plumes of
indignation erupt
along the cratered
soul of poetic
blossoming upward
billowing quills
in frozen deference
a billion crystals
reflecting solar
radiation into
nightflowers of
spectral indifference

a hailstorm of
ivory feathers drifting
as angels battle
the demonic hoards
amidst geysers of
plasmic interference
the dead touch in
an absence of divinity
tracing across the
scarred memories
of impregnated dream

a phantom oasis
huddled in the shadows
of sunspot delirium
the last refuge
where dilapidated desires
settle to ashen fields
an undulation of
polarity shifting
reforming agony into
a mutation of wonder
in ever shifting planes
of icy plumes
erupting in gouts of
plasmatic insolence

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