spiritualists and escape artists

some nights
the graveyard in
my hollow skull
is far too active
phantom smiles
from the great beyond
call to me as i
try to find rest
and i cannot rectify
the pearly teeth
from the maggots
writhing in decay

an amateur medium
channeling spirits
shaking fingers on
the autonomous planchette
as it slides swiftly
from letter to letter
the clear crystal orb
turned smoky as swirls
of lights emanate
in time with my
frantic heartbeat as
the table starts to shake

smiling at houdini
struggling to free
himself from the same
heavy chains hanging
around my own neck
as the black water
rises to submerge our
milk jar sarcophagi
both desperate to dispel
the whimsical spectres
haunting every thought
with foolish science

some days the fates
weave a tapestry of
the dead dreamers who
creep across the mind
unintentional passengers
entangled in happenstance
doomed to forever roam
these hallowed hollow bones
sending missives from
the other side where
dreamshatter memories
carry a poignancy of loss

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