he sighs pneumatically

a hissing
a great sigh
the ever present
silent smirk
of the cackling
crones of fate
bonespurs and
thorned clumps
of effervescent

a low whistle
the kettle lid
bounncing fitfully
as the steam
savagely forces
its way from
the fiery dismissal
rhythmic quaking
as the arms lower
the locomotive
thrums down
twin metal bands
a penny rests
on the tracks
around the bend
disrailing the
train of thought

a hissing
bursts of static
sonic fireworks
crackling chaotically
in the empty room
a pneumatic moaning
as flames lick
the puckered flesh
long blackened
from the heaving
mechanical heart
thumping its last
on a sage couch
in a frozen land

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