chained by a human construct

the clocks sprang forward
as lay staring at the ceiling
lost and listless
knowing i will see
enough goddamn sunshine
through the daylight saved
in sleepless coupons
clipped from the last month
of murky gray nothingness
a pocketful of light
to illuminate the darkness
of heartspasm denials
and a displacement of time

i read that setting
the clocks ahead one hour
leads to multiple deaths
because the alarms
dont change
the hour of sleep stolen
is not handed back
in easily digested increments
the half awake automotons
chains rattling as they
make coffee that despite
best caffeinated hope
does little to take away
the sheer exhaustion
of another day running
on a squeaky wheel
earning pennies they
will never get to spend

for two hours last night
as i bled pained adorations
in place of mental cleanup
i was an extra hour
farther from her embrace
counting sheep aimlessly
milling about the fields
where every new bloom
ignites a trembling where
the line between
desire and desperation
is muddied in a frantic
misunderstanding of minutes

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