inflatable man

i find myself
staring at the
wavy inflatable man
grinning moronically
as he fights against
the cold winds blowing
across weatherford
admiring with a bit of
jealousy at his
worry free existence
flapping implacably
beneath endless blue
not a secondary player
but the star
of his singular show
a magenta spectre
happily fulfilling
the only thing
the world expects of him
never feeling lesser than
the cockroaches
scurrying about his
coffee stained soul
if there is a god
he is a righteous bastard
giving just enough
autonomy to his creation
to let them see
the meaningless of it all
perhaps i should blame
adam and eve
for eating that
shiny fucking apple
i could be dancing
against the howling winds
smiling like a fool
instead of wondering why
i am not nearly
as important as
a wavy inflatable man
bent in half
in a parking lot
off of twenty
in weatherford texas

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