i blame rotation

the sun doesnt always rise
it’s the earth that will not
cease its infernal spinning
there is no relief with dawn
just another dizzying trip
through the emptiness alone
hurtling without purpose
in gravitational uncertainty
and as the choir of birds
instinctively scream endlessly
i feel every bit of the wobble
staring out into the light
evaporating the smoky night
in another cyclical display
of an insanity in tangible
tendrils of unfiltered need

a verbosity of sundered desire
swarms within my mercurial core
a tidal recompense shifting
as ivory bone grinds to dust
a chalky residue coating every
semi-exposed nerve ending in
a tear inducing display of
erratic painblossom fireworks
the silvery diffusion bursts
sending sparks alighting upon
the fuse entwined with dream
racing over sullen septic wounds
an infection coursing in rays
of nigh oblivious golden light
to breakdown lactic dissidence
in waves of fibrous decay

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