in the event of my long and laborious death

bury me
with the first four
ramones albums
surfer rosa
by the pixies
by bukowski
collected poems

i will require
gregor samsa
huckleberry finn
captain nemo
hopfrog and the
eight chained orangutans
sage francis
and the beastie boys

can’t forget the ska
any and everything
two tone and beyond
the bas lag trilogy
by china mieville

i cant be buried
without scenery
and mellow dream
bill evans trio
pharaoh sanders
miles and thelonius

another copy
of pulp
to sit with
kerouac and brautigan
all the
universal monsters
black and white movies
run the jewels
and frida’s
self portrait

starry nights
anything by bosch
debussey and vivaldi
my trusty phone
on which all
of this was scribbled
my lion blanket
and a shiny
red metal firetruck

a picture of
the kids smiling
i remember
every single one
but the latest
always shines

and let her
words rest
upon my still chest
her beautiful soul
always protecting
her fragile poet
along with
dried peony petals
in the shape
of a heart
in pale pink

long after
i have returned
to star dust
these words
will hang themselves
in the silence
of eternity
as long as
someone feels
as if they
were never enough
we all vibrate
at the same
frequency of
depthless sorrow

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