shattered mirrors

i can’t help but wonder
when i see the madness dance
behind my eyes
on those accidental glances
into the mirror
what is it that others
see in my hazel denials

do i appear nearly human
a lifelike facsimile
one of geppetto’s
opium induced monstrosities
dripping malice in
flashes of the blue fairy’s
accursed power yearning
to be swallowed like jonah
to live out my hermitage
in the belly of a whale

have i ever fooled them
made them believe that the
slurry of ebony heartshatter
fetidly oozing through
nearly collapsed vascularity
is the same as the blood
beneath their translucent skin
the bezoars in place of organs
mimicking a life squandered
fulfilling the same duties
as the ones keeping them alive

an impossibility of wish
in the tarnished reflection
of the divine demons
from which this form was shaped
snarling back with a
half hungry grin
above dead marbles in
shades of green and brown

i half expect them to come
with torches and pitchforks
to drive this flesh golem
from the village
understanding the subtle
differences between
the promethean doctor
and the creature
hiding at the edge of the world
uncertain which of the two
my patchwork soul
truly represents

i hang funeral shrouds
over all the mirrors
shuffling through this
enforced darkness where
lavender lightning pierces
deeply into the supple edge
of brittle dissociations
to avoid the questions
of monsters in the shape of men

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