sparks, with no flame

there was a
neon blue something
ephemeral wisps
an epidural of
sultry madness
moaning gently
in the darkness
just outside
of reason

an inverse
black pulsating
on ebony fields
a whistling sigh
from beyond the veil
of comprehension
calling, ever calling
me back home

neon blue flashes
arc just beneath the
torn flesh of surrender
hypnotically surging
through tremulous
notes of impassioned
longing intertwined
with deepest madness
corrupting the light

drifting lost among
a hazy disconnect
frenzied hands seeking
the delicate throat
of hope itself
squeezing firmly until
the sparks of neon
obscure the vision
of dreamshatter dismissal

there was a
neon blue something
wisps floating
in the numbness of
terminal velocity
a cocoon of manic
denials in the
semipermeable cells
of irradiated desire

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