i whisper my love to the heavens

my sins are
etched in starlight
over the canvas
of tattered sighs
a delicate tapestry
where opulent flaws
are softly
in silken lines

the red petals
open demurely for
the rising sun
a scab cracking
leaking poison in
lazy droplets sizzling
as they strike the soil
pitted scars in
the shape of hearts

my virtues
weatherworn wings
reduced to nubs
twitching painfully
as the oceans spiral
to catch my broken frame
odes of love
scattered pollen
creating bitter honey

drifting tremulously
these celestial ashes
brimming with
charred divinity
leaving sooty smears
to desecrate the sanctity
where forlorn lovers
weep in ceaseless agony
waiting for the world to end

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