falling inward

he deflated
as if his bones
from his acidic blood
he was sitting there
looking normal
and then he
collapsed in
upon himself
a sack of blood
failing organs
a human bean bag chair
limply laying
bemoaning his fate
always second place
no stability
drowning in silence
as his pleas for help
go ignored
seeing how there is
always something else
more important
than his plight

i watched him
fall into himself
the black hole
in his soul
starved and desperate
until he was the
only thing left
to be consumed
by the nothingness
infusing his being
the cold lack of
return on his
emotional investments
pathetically crying
for the things
it was obvious
he didnt deserve
i stared as he
turned inside out
the stain growing
until he was gone
all that remained
of his futile existence
was a warm spot
on the sage couch
one that seemed
to call out to me
as i found myself
moving to occupy
the negative space
of his sudden absence

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