the subtle art of rollercoaster design as seen from bipolarity

the effort that goes
into designing
new rollercoaster
from safety to thrill ratio
trying to innovate
create a new experience
manufacturing the
endless loops and
precipitous plunges
balanced out by
slowly climbing
building anticipation
imagining the joyous
mixed with terrified
emotional responses
maximizing excitement
while minimizing
their expectations
to increase profits

it amazes me
how many people seek
to experience
my every day hell
the shuddering movements
towards the cliff
toes hanging over
as the chemicals in my
defective mass of jelly
flip themselves
without a moment’s notice
plunging into the
icy depths of anxiety
doubting each new
experience as i seek
solid ground
a few moments to catch
my breath before
being launched into
the next looping
hell of my own
circular logical failing

an amatuer designer
stuck on an ever shifting
rickety track
begging the operator
to kill the power
screaming in terror
as everything gets
turned upside down
as i clutch the faulty
safety harness
my head slamming against
the ill padded bars
keeping me trapped
on this mobius strip
of self fulfilling
prophecies where
the culprit is always
the unwitting passenger
ignored by the people
in a long winding line
waiting for their turn
on a one man ride
going backwards down
one way best intentions

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