slept dreamt awoken to nothing

i woke up
confused and disheveled
on the couch
not sure as to what
happened to me
still draped in
the dreams that
always seem to
escape me
as i sat still
letting them
luxuriate over the
wrinkles of my mind
as i awaited the sun
a spring sprung
after weeks of
futility to find
i had slept

i dreamt
my mind regurgiatated
the madness of
this waking hell
in a slideshow presentation
where all the seemingly
disparate moments of my
paraded in lockstep with
a showcase of my greatest fits
timestamped by
the hours of silence
draped over me
my cowl of depression
settling over
my scowling ugliness
as the drumbeats
of a headache
that unlike me
will not go ignored
began thundering

here is that clarity
the doctors prescribed
a whirlwind of inactivity
as the forgotten fool
sips coffee
and wishes things
hadn’t grown
quite so clear
as to expose the skeleton
of what dreams highlighted
in fully fleshed denials
i woke to the same
silence as had haunted me
for weeks on end
to see my kingdom of shadow
dissipate in the dawn

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