the end of worlds

i thought that
when the world ended
there would be
geysers of flames
torrents of blood
locusts and demons
golden angels
with flaming swords
the earth torn
into chunks of
rock to careen
through the cosmos
smashing into
inhabitable planets
tainting the land
with the human stain

it wasn’t like that
when mine ended
there were harsh tones
and heavy silence
the world didn’t end
with explosions
but with whimpered cries
and the biggest kick
in the soft bits
was i saw it kept on
spinning in place
without the need
for my existence
in the slightest
as the light faded
from my empty stare

you would expect
sonething so momentous
would be etched
in strained permanence
but the steady winds
can reduce even
the tallest mountain
to piles of gravel
doing little more than
littering the horizon
the monuments of
gods and men
cannot hope to pass
the test of time
because forever
isn’t concerned with
these imaginary increments
a calm ocean left
undisturbed by the
ending of worlds

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