futility is an act i learned to abandon

if you ever
wonder why
i pulled away
look back at
the words
you ignored
to see what
i had been
trying to say
it will be
clear that
i tried
until i didnt.

you only noticed
i had left
when i was
already long gone.

8 thoughts on “futility is an act i learned to abandon

  1. You wouldn’t even claim to know me. THEY are your friend and I’m a stranger. Ten years and you still keep playing these games. It’s Fiery who is more important, it EC, it’s Tina it’s whoever that fake account was a couple weeks ago. You always play these games where kindness is extended to everyone else and you won’t even claim to know me let alone call me a friend. Ten years and I have never been called a friend because you DON’T love me. You don’t likee and you never did
    I don’t care how much you have written all the meanness and rejection have cancelled out the little bit of kind and you locked me out of the accounts where you talked about you and your love. You have NEVER wanted me in your life. I am just a story for you to write. Love doesn’t even need to involve me and you have always shut me out while acting like you cared. You don’t even care enough to call me a friend.


    1. You are clearly troubled. I spoke to you the last time because I thought maybe I could clear up whatever mistaken belief you have. I have only been writing for four years. Four and a half now. Ten years ago I was freshly divorced. Whoever you have yourself convinced that I am, I am not. Trust me. I don’t call you friend, and I do not love you, because I have no idea who you are. It’s that simple. I hope yoy find peace from the people that have bothered you. But make no mistake, I am not one of them. Tale care of yourself.


    2. Perhaps it’s better to do this type of comment in private communication. This doesn’t seem like the appropriate forum for it. Regardless what it is, it seems to be unrelated to the readers of this blog. Just a thought. Take care.


      1. No motherfucker you are NOT going to tell me where I can and can’t tell the TRUTH. It IS the goddamn truth spoken to someone I DO fucking know and if you want to get into it I’ll put your bitch ass in the floor motherfucker! Fuck you POS 🖕


          1. Telling me what to do is out of line and NOT your place. Then going in with the take care after the fact that you are trying to control me is mean AND condescending and I don’t need that bullshit.


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