on loneliness

i find
there is a sanctity
in loneliness
far from the
harsh rebuke
of another’s silence
a quiet desperation
leaking from
every pus filled pore
this prison of
crystallized sadness
filled with
the reflections of
tear stained
muffling the chatter
outside the door
picking at scabs
hungry to feel
yet numbed to
the sweet agony
a need to fill
the quiet moments
interupted by
panicked sobs

loneliness is
another symptom of
the human affliction
one we try
to run from
but objects
in the mirror
are always closer
then we can see
looking through
these distortions
in hopes of finding
salvation in the
that clenches tight
to still hearts
as grasping hands
offering succor
are no more
than mirages
of shimmering dismay

i do not
prefer loneliness
it is just
a constant state
i have learned
to embrace

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