three eggs and coffee

three hard boiled eggs
a pot of coffee
self loathing interspersed
with an undercurrent of
piping hot rage
a simple morning spent
hungry and alone
bashing my head off of
the walls seeking release
from the emotions that
cut me to ribbons
as he spits hell from
blistered lips into
the uncaring aether

egotistical bastards
always putting themselves
first and foremost
ignoring the traumas
so casually inflicted
lashing out in a sense of
petulant entitlement
unconcerned with any
collateral damage inflicted
as they bellow to be seen
standing on a pile of
the broken friendships
taken for granted in
their unflinching need
to be the center of attention

three hard boiled eggs
a pot of coffee
anxiety flaring in red splotches
with an undercurrent of
harsh realities force fed
to a starving artist
bleeding out the agonies
into the morning spent
seething into the murkiness
forgotten and alone
falling headfirst into
the open arms of the abyss
spitting hell in jagged
balls of razored indignation
as he slowly fades from view

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