give me all of you, gristle and soul

tell me all of
your secrets
whisper your
hidden truths
unto me as your
breath tickles
the synapses
firing in a
twenty one endorphin
salute to the
merucrial tide
sweeping along
your tender
fill my lungs
with the parts
of yourself
you never dreamt
of speaking aloud
the hunger growling
in your singular
bottomless wonder
set my skin alight
with the promises
locked deeply
behind all of your
subtle denials
as i savor each
note of your scent
with avaricious need
let me worship
your beautifully
effortless splendor
on bended knee
between fantasy
and all too real
in beads of pure
adrenalized lust
folded savagely
into untethered
adoring madnesses
uniting the essences
of souldander daydream
and blissful abandon
in one gentle kiss
just behind your ear
as my fingers trace
the curves of your
smile and breasts
give me every bit
gristle and soul
the taste of sweat
and blood dancing
between our tongues
as the sunshine
plays across our
skin as we writhe
straddling the divide
of sin and salvation
in every fevered
declaration of love

4 thoughts on “give me all of you, gristle and soul

      1. Watching Eagles mate, sit on eggs,defend their territory, myself scratching in the garden, contemplating life, question yesterday “what is the difference between the North American definition of Love an Eros? Male and Female and masculine and feminine. You know the small questions of life:)

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