practical magic

i have spent
the entriety of
the day
trying to perform
a magical feat
it has been
rather slow going
you could say
i wouldn’t
but an argument
could be made
nothing has happened
thus far
but i have
given it
spoken to my
most trusted
and unbelievably
beautiful advisor
perhaps magic
is made by a
muscle gone vestigial
and we just need
to figure out
how to make it
once again
she tends to be
more logical
than the fool
and i sensed
apprehension in
her reply
but not an
outright refute
which gives me
clearance to
experiment as i
see fit
my first act
will be an
infusion of love
in lavender swirls
to protect
my three hearts
then i believe
it will be time
to turn my attentions
towards deeds
of tremendous evil

once i figure
out how it works
love to them
rampant chaos
around the globe

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