cold fear

i had never seen
anything as desolate
as the milk white
eyes of the corpses
staring at me from
the river’s bank
a flash freeze swept
through my veins
as the hunger radiated
and every head turned
to stare at me in
piss stained pants
breath caught in the
back of my throat as
a mewling cry tore
in an unfamiliar
keening into the dark

it was less fear that
motivated my mind to
seize itself at the
sight of the milling
dead in tattered rags
cataracts of damnation
forever clouding the
insatiable hunger for
warmth and sustenance
and the thought that
this was what awaits
every fetid dreamer
wrapped about this
mortal coil doomed
to see only their wishes
in fleeting glimpses
roaming the earth alone
seeking things that
may never truly exist

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