a gargoyle
carved from granite
crouched on the ledge
looking down
as life goes on
in tiny specks
far beneath
a forgotten perch
edges worn smooth
by buffeting winds
a thick coat of
bird shit slathered
along every crevice
doomed to watch
in stoney silence
until eventually
in a hail of dust
to sting the smiles
of the hapless souls
wandering lost and lonely
through the maze of
streets leading
nowhere of note

i rail against
the uncaring hands
that carved me
in silent rebuke
a querulous glare
casting a wide net
of dispersions
my hideous deformities
on display for
a populace unwilling
to see outside of
their own myopic hells
a series of stone cut
gargoyles staring
miserably into
the mirrored glass
a thousand reflections
of the same dismay
absorbing the light
in hushed denials
eroded by time


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