firing lines

i admire the view
staring down the sights
aiming at the aimless
itchy trigger warnings
as sirens blare sending
the deer to scatter
the hunter fires buckshot
at a buck a shell
ignoring the irony
in war being a billion
dollar industry as the
price of ammo rises
sifting through social
media for more ammunition
a license to conceal carry
false information parroted
by the big businessmen
parading as purile pundits
nothing but puppets pulled
by invisible bank accounts
hiding in plain sights
maintaining the status quo
between ivory toothed oligarch
and indentured servants
with false veneers covering
the effects of corn syrupy
lies keeping us at war
with one another instead
of pointing angry fingers
at the hands pulling strings
wrapped in three piece lawsuits
waging a war of attrition
in servings devoid of any
nutritional value as they
modifiy jeans to hide their
swollen bellies from feasting
on the poor too ignorant to
ever see the same ones
poison the rivers only to
sell them bottles of water
starving them with processed
meals shaped from the plastics
they fought so hard to get the
petroleum to mass produce


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